Through the lens, we tell your story.

Bryan and Tiffany

A story book wedding set at Knotting Hill Place set to Bryans own song. Must see!

Leticia and Chris

The love story of Leticia and Chris. Love can strike anywhere, so the next time Facebook asks "People You Might Know"; It might be worth paying attention to!

The Eshaks

An Egyptain Love Story; get your tissues ready a listen to how an interesting chain of events led to Mena traveling to Egypt to bring his bride back to the U.S.

Eshak Insta Film

A short teaeser from the film above

Cameron And Claudia

Claudia was a branch manager at the bank, giving a presentation to all the area supervisors. Cameron was sitting in the back of the room and politely told his co-worker; I am going to marry that girl one day. And well...

Shaun & Annes Love Story

When they first met she thought that he was bit dorky, that was until....

Meet the Garrisons

Somebody had a crush on their child's teacher. Tune in to see how Gary shot his shot!

The Tovar Wedding

Hilda's brother brought Ricardo over for dinner, fast forward a few months later and they are riding back from Mexico together, listening to MC Magic and Hilda looks over and says "I love you" and the rest is history.

The Mahdi Wedding

This is a story of persitance. But just wait until "the kiss" one of the funnest weddings that we have shot to date.

McKeeling Me Softly

Right before the bride came out; all the power in the venue went out. And never came back on! Stay tuned until the end to where they talk about the importance to "Weathering the storm".